The University of Minnesota Morris was awarded an Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Research Infrastructure Investment Program 2018 award. The Morris award will bring a 400MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer to campus, where it will be housed in the Science building.

The forerunner of the MRI, NMR helps scientists identify compounds and study matter. For example, chemists at Morris are making new molecules that could lead to better pharmaceuticals or ways of cleaning up water. But that can only happen if researchers know exactly what they’re working with.

Professor Nancy Carpenter, who led the proposal, told KMRS that this new spectrometer will replace an aged and increasingly unreliable one. She said it was “absolutely fantastic that we have the kind of alumni support and support from our administration to be able to get this kind of instrument,” which she noted was very expensive.

NMR is necessary for students and faculty in material sciences. The upgrade to 400 MHz will dramatically improve their ability to conduct leading-edge research — at lower operating costs. The new spectrometer will be installed later this fall and will be ready for use for the spring semester.


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