Charlie Oaks, the Executive Director of the Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) in Morris, gave an optimistic report to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their September 4 meeting. The DAC is in the process of raising $1.5 million to upgrade a facility designed for 30 people that now serves 62, has bathrooms not up to code and a mechanical system that can only be adjusted manually.

DAC Treasurer Randy Fehr told the Commissioners that they had planned to ask the County for money for the project, “but at this point, it’s probably irrelevant.” Oaks said it would be “nice” to get $100,000 from the County, but wasn’t fussy as to how that would occur or how it would be used. Fehr said he sees the DAC as a “community project,” and as such would like to see the County involved in some capacity.

Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young told KMRS that the Commissioners need to research how the County can get involved in the project.

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