• Looking For: Two-wheel trailer with sides on it, preferably a tilt bed. Call 218-770-6264.
  • Looking For: Oval wooden coffee table with a glass top. For sale an exercise bike. CallĀ 324-2519.
  • For Sale: Small square bales of straw, $3/bale. Call 320-283-5588.
  • For Sale: 2003-04 Marauder collectible, good motor, ac, sunroof, low mileage, great shape. Call 320-808-3285, 320-760-6680.
  • FREE: Female kitten, 4-5 months old, black/white. Call 748-7530.
  • For Sale: Apples, Sweet Sixteen, Honey Crisp, Harrelson, Cortland, Redwell. Call 320-392-5860.
  • For Sale: Two-door cabinet, good shape, wood grain finish, 37-inches wide, 15-inches tall, 20-inches deep, new condition, $10 or best offer. Solid wood, oval-shaped coffee table, 45-inches wide, oval, great shape, $10 or best offer. Golf balls, $3/dozen. Call 320-815-1313.
  • For Sale: Refrigerator/freezer, good condition, $100. Call 589-2299.
  • For Sale: Potatoes, onions, carrots, cage free eggs, apples. Call 320-808-8856.
  • FREE: Pumpkins and gourds to be picked, family fun, roughly 13 miles south of Alberta, for specific directions call 320-287-2370.


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