A stone sculpture by Anishinaabe (Ah-ne-shu-nah-bee) artist Duane Goodwin was dedicated this past weekend on the main mall of the University of Minnesota Morris campus. The work, commissioned by UMM graduates Puncky Heppner and Mary Soehren Heppner, uses native stone from a Minnesota quarry and is designed to celebrate the “strength, resilience, compassion and heart of the indigenous peoples” here.

It depicts a native woman in traditional garb flanked by two small children in more modern American dress. The grounds of the Morris campus started out as a Native American boarding school 125 years ago. In an artist statement, Goodwin said the sculpture “symbolizes the journey of the Native American, from a traditional people to an assimilated, but still proud, people.” Goodwin is a 2012 Community Spirit Award Honoree and a 2013 Cultural Capital Fellow.


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