As they wrap up their visit to Morris where they signed an official agreement to continue participation in the Climate Smart Municipalities program, a group of three representatives from Morris’ sister city Saerbeck, Germany told KMRS how impressed they were at how far Morris has come in its green energy and sustainability efforts. Saerbeck Mayor Wilfried Roos, Prof. Christof Wetter and Guido Wallraven said they’d like to see more groups from Morris visit Saerbeck to see firsthand what can be done in the fields of wind, solar and biogas energies. Wallraven said such visits could yield tangible results.

Prof. Wetter also noted the importance of bringing more people from Saerbeck to visit Morris to establish friendships. He said the exchange of students, both on the high school and college levels, is vitally important as they represent the future. Two groups from the University of Minnesota have already visited Germany in recent months.


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