Candidates for Minnesota House of Representatives District 12-A stated their positions at a Candidates Forum Wednesday night at the University of Minnesota Morris’ Edson Auditorium. Incumbent Republican Rep. Jeff Backer stated a desire to return the health care system to its pre-MNSure days, when he said costs were lower and coverage was better, and supported scaling back regulations to make it easier to start a business so young people will be less inclined to move across the border.

His opponent, DFLer Murray Smart, saw a need for a living wage and improvements in the health care system, which he said give too much money to insurance companies and not enough to individual people. He wanted coverage to include pre-existing conditions. And he offered support for the mental health needs of family farmers.

The Forum was sponsored by the Morris Campus Student Association. The full Forum can be heard in its entirety on the KMRS/KKOK website.


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