The Courthouse was to be the scene of the planned demonstration.

Voters have been receiving “vote by mail” letters and an absentee ballot application from not profit voting entities.  These mailings are not associated with Stevens County.

If the voter is registered and in a mail ballot precinct, filling out this application is unnecessary, they will be getting a ballot mailed to them.  There was an unfortunate delay on mailing out the mail ballots, but voters should expect to see them by this weekend.

If the voter is not in a mail ballot precinct and has already filled out an absentee application, there is no need to fill this out again, they’ll be getting a ballot shortly.  The goal in the auditor’s office is to mail out a ballot the same day an application is received.

If the voter has already received a ballot and has sent it back, they can’t receive another ballot and they too should disregard the application.

If a voter wishes to vote absentee and they live in the City of Morris or Hancock or in the Township of Baker, Swan Lake or Moore, they certainly may by filling out the application and sending it to the auditor’s office.  But it’s not required.

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