The Courthouse was to be the scene of the planned demonstration.

An Alberta woman has been charged with seven counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in Stevens County’s 8th Judicial District Court. According to the criminal complaint, twenty-six-year-old Katelyn Toni Nolting is alleged to have engaged in sexual intercourse with the 15-year-old boy who had been living as a foster child in her and her husband’s house since March of this year.

In an interview with law enforcement, Nolting acknowledged having had sex with the boy on one occasion, as well as being naked in a shower with him. Pictures of the shower scene were sent to friends of the defendant. The boy in question was also interviewed by police, and stated that he had sex with Nolting on four separate occasions, including the hayloft of a barn near Alberta.

The felony charges carry a maximum sentence of not less than 144 months nor more than 30 years in prison and/or a $40,000 fine.


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