Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer Amanda Barsness announced the county wide voter turnout for the 2018 general election was 74 percent. Mail ballot precincts came in with an average of just under 80 percent. Polling place turnout was 71 percent with 13 percent of those voting absentee and 62 percent voting at the polls.

Precinct 2B, which is primarily University students, saw 114 registrations at the polls on election day and had a 59 percent turnout. That number includes past students who have not updated their registrations and still in the system as university voters.

Turnout was up at most locations compared with the last midterm election in 2014. Absentee voting was up from 8 to 13 percent for the polling place locations. Barsness wrote in an email transmission that both mail ballots and absentee ballots contributed to high voter turnout in 2018.


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