Riverview LLP of Morris wants to add an additional 714 mature dairy cows to its operation and therefore needs to modify a permit it holds with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Officially, it’s known as an Intent to Modify coverage under the State of Minnesota General Animal Feedlot National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The permit can be reviewed on the MPCA website. The public may comment on the permit until December 14 either through submitting written comments or petitioning the MPCA to request a public hearing.

Riverview currently houses 7,141 mature dairy cows over 1,000 pounds. Their facility includes an anerobic digester for processing manure from the total confinement barns. Separated solid manure is stored on a permanent manure stockpile or inside a solid manure storage building. Liquid manure and surface runoff from the permanent stockpile and the facility’s feed storage area are stored in earthen lined liquid manure storage areas with synthetic covers.

Manure is applied to cropland operated by Riverview or transferred to local crop farmers. While Riverview wants to add the 714 cows, no further changes are proposed to the facility’s existing manure storage capacity. The final animal holding capacity of the facility will be 7,855 mature dairy cows over 1,000 pounds.

The MPCA contact for the permit is George Schwint, who can be reached at 320-894-5866.


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