Kenny Perkins gets his Pay It Forward Stevens County award from Coach Kevin Pope (l). Also shown are Pay It Forward committee members Sue Dieter, Rob Lucas and Kim Giese. (Photo used by permission of Stevens County Times)

Volunteering for the Morris Area Chokio Alberta high school football team for the past 23 years has made Kenny Perkins a recipient of the Pay It Forward Stevens County award. Perkins was nominated for the award by head football coach Kevin Pope. The coach noted that Perkins has volunteered since he graduated from Morris Area High School in 1996.

Perkins prepares the equipment and the sideline before each game and takes care of it at game’s end. Coach Pope said Perkins is an “indispensable member of the Tiger football family.” Perkins received his award at the annual MACA football banquet on November 18.

Pay It Forward Stevens County is a group that recognizes individuals who have, through their volunteerism, made a positive impact on the lives of others in the community.


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