On Friday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a Yamaha 4-wheel ATV that went through the ice on Lake Oscar in Douglas County. Steven Miller and Ethan Miller had driven the 4×4 out onto the lake to fish. As they returned, the 4×4 they were riding fell through the ice and sunk to the bottom.

Steven and Ethan were able to pull themselves from the water onto the ice and were able to get back to a friend’s nearby fish house. Due to foggy conditions, they were unable to tell responders exactly where they were. Later, the pair were able to walk to a waiting North Ambulance. They were checked and warmed up by ambulance personnel and released at the scene with no injuries.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people that ice conditions are unsafe for ATV’s and vehicles. Ice conditions need to be a constant minimum of 5-7 inches for ATV’s and 8-12 inches for small vehicles.


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