Dick Metzger received a plaque from the Morris School District for his 10 years of service to the School Board.

After 10 years of serving, Dick Metzger will be stepping down from the Morris School Board. Last night was his last meeting as Chair of the Board, and Morris Area High School Athletic Director Mark Ekren publicly thanked Metzger for his service.

Metzger was presented with a plaque for his years of service by Superintendent Rick Lahn. For his part, Metzger left the board with a list of 14 lessons learned from his tenure that he hoped could prove useful for his replacement.

Those lessons included not micro-managing the duties of the principal and superintendent, and to make decisions for all students and all stakeholders, not just your own family and friends.


Other lessons he imparted to the remaining board members included showing respect and kindness to the other board members to keep a cohesive board, not rushing through school board meetings so as to give decisions the thoughtful discussion they deserve, and to approach budgetary decisions in a conscientious manner and to be frugal with taxpayer dollars.


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