Morris School District Finance Manager Jeannie Maanum made a Truth in Taxation presentation to the Morris School Board. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris School District Finance Manager Jeannie Maanum presented her annual Truth in Taxation Power Point demonstration to the Morris School Board  at last night’s meeting. School Districts revenues are linked to student enrollment, and the State provides roughly 80 percent of the District’s revenue.

At the meeting, Maanum reported there will be a slight increase in the 2019 tax levy: 1.29 percent — due to changes in total valuation or enrollment, which affect equalization formulas.

She also noted that since 2003, state funding for schools has not kept up with inflation.  Thus, the district currently gets $6,312 per pupil instead of the adjusted-for-inflation figure of $6,930.

The Morris School District is above the state average in using close to 80 percent of its expenditures on classroom instruction and its support services.


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