Matt Solemsaas of the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District is also Morris Fire Chief. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Minnesota Ag Water Quality Certification Program is run out of the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District office in Morris. The District’s Matt Solemsaas told the KMRS Community Connection program that his office works with producers and landowners to do an overall plan with farms on best practices, using crop rotations, conservation and buffers. With a few minor tweaks, Solemsaas said, most people can get Ag Water Quality Certified.

With the buffer law, Solemsaas said that those with the Ag Water Quality Certification would have had 10 years to comply with the new law, not two. He said the program has had a lot of success with a good participation rate, and people feel good about doing it because they feel they are “doing the right thing.”


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