The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources will be funding several projects in Douglas County in an effort to reduce livestock waste runoff.

Last month, BWSR (pronounced bow-ser) approved $356,960 dollars to improve drinking water quality by upgrading, replacing or closing existing damaged or unpermitted manure storage areas, in addition to addressing open lot runoff. Five project locations have been identified and up to 4 more are anticipated to be identified in the next two years, for a total of up to 10 projects. The estimated pollution reduction is 421 pounds of nitrogen and 122 pounds of phosphorus.

BWSR approved $13.7 million in Clean Water Fund grants on Dec. 19 to improve water quality in streams, lakes, and groundwater across the state. The majority of the grant funding—$11.7 million—is allocated for voluntary conservation projects across Minnesota. In addition, $1.4 million will support accelerated implementation for high-priority projects, and $610,000 will fund multipurpose drainage management.

Money for the grants comes from the Clean Water Fund, which receives 33 percent of the sales tax revenue generated by the Legacy Amendment.


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