Weather researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris released this week their annual review of weather data. In calendar year 2018, total precipitation was 29.6 inches, which is 5.23 inches above normal. We received 21.16 inches of rain during the growing season of April through August. The average is 16.0 inches. Last year we had 19.9 inches of rain for this time.

Several precipitation records were broken in 2018. Heavy rain occurred on June 17th which totaled 3.1 inches, exceeding the old record of 1.51 inches set in 1915. The daily precipitation record for July 20th was broken with a rainfall total of 3.56 inches, exceeding the old record of 1.54 inches set in 1930.

The daily precipitation record for December 27th was broken with a precipitation total of .35 inches. This exceeds the previous record of 0.30 inches set back in 1959. This precipitation also resulted in a record snowfall for the day of 4.3 inches exceeding the previous record of 3.5 inches in 1988.

For the winter of 2017-2018, (October through March) we had 30.0 inches of snow, the average is 36.0 inches. For the calendar year of 2018, we recorded 49.0 inches of snow. Frost depth on January 2, 2018, was 17.5 inches. The maximum frost depth was 29 inches in mid-March. Frost persisted at a depth of 25 to 26 inches until May 8th.


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