Kasey Jenc, Program Technician for Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District would like to see more farmers register with the Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program. Program Technician Kasey Jenc told the KMRS Community Connection program that registering can be done year round. She shared statistics for Stevens County: there are 13 certified farms on nearly 10,800 acres. In 2018, they received nine new applications and more continue to show interest.

Statewide, close to 700 farms on 450,000 acres participate in the program., which provides farmers with regulatory certainly, priority for assistance and recognition. Pheasants Forever presented the program and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture with the Brood Booster Award at their annual meeting in Alexandria last week. More information is available at mylandmylegacy.com, or by contacting Stevens Soil and Water.


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