January started out warm but ended up with close to record cold.  Weather researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris reported that the mean temperature for January was 6.2°F, which is 2.5°F below the average of 8.7°F (1886-2018).  The high temperature for the month was 40°F on January 5.

The low temperature for the month was -32°F and occurred on January 31.  No low-temperature records were set, but the minimum high temperature for January 31 was -21°F shattering the old record of -15°F set in 1996.  We have not set a record low in January since 1977, when 5 records were set ranging from -33°F to -37°F.  We have to go back to 2010 for the last time we observed sub -30°F temperatures.  Other stations in the area might be recording record cold for the last two days of January, but they do not have as many years of data as does the WCROC.

The highest temperature recorded in January at the WCROC from 1886 to 2018 was 60°F on January 25, 1981.  The lowest temperature recorded historically was -40°F which occurred on the 21st in 1888.  Precipitation for the month totaled .28 inches, which is 0.40 inches below the average of .68 inches.  Snow was recorded at 5.72 inches which is 2.28 inches below the average of 8.0 inches.


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