Morris City Council Member Kevin Wohlers. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With the new $18 million water treatment facility set to begin operating in April for Stevens County residents, the future of water softeners was a point of discussion at Tuesday night’s Morris City Council meeting. The new plant will bring the hardness of the water down from 45 grains of hardness down to 5 grains, which is low enough to classify it as soft water. Council members like Kevin Wohlers agreed that water softener companies will need to work with the City and all citizens to make the necessary adjustments to water softeners currently in use. Wohlers noted that it does not make sense to spend $18 million on a new water treatment plant if area water softeners are not compatible with it. All stakeholders will need to partner up, he said.

Old softeners, it was noted, will need to be disconnected, and an inspection of each household in the City will need to be conducted. If chloride is still found to be in the water stream, City Manager Blaine Hill said they will need to track that down and the City will know where it’s coming from.


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