Emilie Brustuen (l) and Sharon Ehlers (r) of First Lutheran Church. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

If you’ve seen publicity for First Lutheran Church’s Bold Women’s Day 2019 event for this Sunday in Morris, you would be wrong to think that the word Bold was being used as an acronym. Church volunteers Sharon Ehlers and Emilie Brustuen explained on the KMRS Community Connection program.

The program begins with lunch at 12. Keynote speaker Jacqueline Bussie, author of Outlaw Christian, will take the podium at 1. Breakout sessions will follow at 2:30 and 3:15 and feature yoga instructor Jeanne Williamson, financial coach Sarah Noble, and therapeutic coach Cate Schultz. Therapy dogs Hank and Mercer will also visit. Any monies raised from the free will donation event will be split between RUSC Kinship and Someplace Safe.


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