Rikki Wold, a 17 year old senior at New London Spicer High School and three of her immediate family members were all diagnosed with cancer within a one month period. Rikki was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewing sarcoma after her dentist noticed something wrong with her jaw bone during removal of her wisdom teeth and took a biopsy. While awaiting the results, her uncle Dean Wold of Brooten was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Four days after that, Rikki’s grandfather Roger Olson of New London was also diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The day Rikki came home from having surgery in December to remove the cancer and replace a portion of her jaw bone, her father Randy Wold of New London was taken to the hospital after a fainting spell, and was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Family members told the Brainerd Dispatch that it’s healthier to keep a positive attitude, and Rikki is hoping to graduate this spring with her classmates with the help of a tutor to keep up her studies. But Rikki told the paper that the latest MRI test detected two masses on a lung and possible new masses in her jaw.

Benefit fundraisers to help the family are being held February 23 in Belgrade and April 6 in New London.


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