Holocaust survivor and author of "We're in America Now" Fred Amram at the Stevens County History Museum. (Photo: Sara Hoffman)

Holocaust survivor Fred Amram, who visited Stevens County this past November, has published an open letter to U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar in the latest edition of the American Jewish World, a Minneapolis-based newspaper. Amram criticizes Omar for her recent tweets that stereotyped Jews and Judaism. “I am appalled by the leadership in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Yet I don’t disparage Islam, nor do I question the right of those Muslim-dominated countries to exist,” Amram wrote.

Omar has since apologized for her tweets. But many in the Jewish community remain wary of her past comments, as summarized in one of Amram’s conclusions: “What troubles me is your history of anti-Jewish commentary. I expect more sensitivity and more support from my sister child survivor.”


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