The century-old mystery of the Kensington Runestone will be featured in a Science Channel series called “America’s Lost Vikings.” The show’s six episodes showcase a search for Viking travels in North America.

Alexandria’s Runestone Museum and the Kensington Runestone are set to appear in the fourth episode, which airs at 10 p.m. March 3. This episode will be available for cable customers who receive the Science Channel, which is available to 63 million households.

Embraced by some as proof that Vikings traveled as far as the Alexandria area, the runestone is dismissed by others as a hoax. The March 3 episode may fuel more debate as the team uses the latest technology to assess the runestone’s authenticity.

The West Central Tribune reported that The Science Channel left behind some amazing freebies, including a 19-foot-long Viking-style wooden boat similar to those Nordic explorers would have used to navigate smaller waterways like rivers and lakes. The boat was built on the East Coast, brought to Minnesota for filming and then given to the museum as a gift. The boat will be available to view this spring at the Runestone Museum and may be used on Lake Agnes this summer for the museum’s educational programs.

The museum also received a 3-D image of the runestone, which it will incorporate into its exhibit.


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