State Sen. Torrey Westrom. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Legislative Auditor released a report yesterday on the assessment of fraud allegations in the Child Care Assistance Program. The Auditor did not find evidence to substantiate allegations of massive $100 million fraud, but it did conclude that the fraud is greater than the $5 to $6 million that prosecutors have been able to prove. District 12 State Senator Torrey Westrom said in a KMRS Legislative Corner interview that will air Sunday morning that the whole process frustrates him.

The fraud, he noted, steals money from deserving families who need the child care assistance. Westrom said it also shows that the agency may not need the money if they can mismanage millions of dollars without noticing.

The Auditor was also unable to substantiate allegations that individuals in Minnesota sent fraud money from the day care program overseas to fund terrorist operations.


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