(City Hears First Reading of New Code for Softeners) 04/26

            At their meeting this week, the Morris City Council heard a first reading of a proposed change to the City’s code on water softeners. The new regulations seek to give residents more options with their softeners in light of the upcoming opening of the new water treatment plant. City Manager Blaine Hill explained on the KMRS Community Connection. “One of the new things in the code isyou’re going to be able to shut of your water softener, you’re going to be able to bypass your water softener, you’re going to be able to recalibrate your softener that you have to the level of hardness of water the city will able to provide. If you want to replace your water softener and put in a recalibrated water softener, you can do that.” It will not be mandatory to unplumb your old softener, Hill said. And if a homeowner refuses to allow City workers to check on the softeners, the City will need to obtain a court order to enter the residence. A second reading of the proposed change will be heard at the next City Council meeting on May 14.


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