Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Activities with the Morris Model and the Climate Smart Municipalities initiatives has led State officials to take notice, to the extend that the State of Minnesota will be applying for a federal grant that could bring two electric busses to Morris. At Tuesday’s Morris City Council meeting, City Manager Blaine Hill detailed how the federal government would cover 80 to 85 percent of the costs, while the state would cover the rest of the local share. Hill told the KMRS Community Connection program that the grant would also include two fast charging stations for the vehicles, which would be the same size as currently used by Morris Transit.

Hill said it helped that the Council recently adopted a Strategic Plan that covered a range of sustainability issues. City officials will know by the end of the summer if the grant has been approved. If so, it would be worth about $500,000 in equipment and labor.


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