University of Minnesota Morris Political Science Professor Tim Lindberg.

Speaking on the KMRS Community Connection, University of Minnesota Morris Political Science Professor Tim Lindberg suggested that Democrats will have a challenge in the next election appealing to rural voters. Rural voters are much more conservative than Minnesotans in the urban centers or first ring suburbs. But Lindberg did have a suggestion for Democratic strategists.

Focusing on rural issues may overcome some of the political rhetoric of Republicans during election seasons, Lindberg said. He noted that there is a progressive history in farm country that goes back to the early 20th century.

Lindberg also said both Republicans and Democrats held back on pushing controversial issues in the Legislative Session that finished last week. He noted that both parties looked for bipartisan wins they could hang their hats on, or smaller things they could compromise on. While controversial issues did not get much movement this year, some of them will likely come forward at next year’s session.


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