Troy Scott and Jen Boon of the Hancock Community Group sat before the Stevens County Board of Commissioners. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, Troy Scott and Jen Boon of the Hancock Community Group announced that they have secured $46,100 in pledges to develop the group’s plan of building a day care and event center along Main Street in Hancock. Last week, the County requested the group come up with that amount to ensure that County taxpayers would not have to pay the financial obligation on a state grant to redevelop the property.

Natalie Bly, a real estate manager with MMCDC, which owns the property in Hancock, was patched in to the meeting via telephone. She was glad to hear the group had gotten some serious money lined up for the project.

The Board will still need to relieve MMCDC from all their prior obligations, as they had secured the grant that would have developed the site into a housing project. And the Hancock Community Group will also need to negotiate a price with MMCDC for the property. The Commissioners requested the group provide a progress report on their project in November.


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