For the first four months of 2019 we experienced below average temperatures, however, June was about average, according to weather researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris.  The mean temperature for June was 66.8°F, which is 0.7 °F above the average of 66.1°F.  The high temperature for the month was 93°F on June 8.  The low temperature for the month was 43°F and occurred on June 13.

The highest temperature recorded in June at the WCROC from 1886 to 2017 was 104°F on June 25, 1988, and June 28, 1931.  The lowest temperature recorded historically was 27°F which occurred on June 1, 1929.

Precipitation for the month totaled 4.65 inches, which is .65 inches above the average of 4.00 inches.  We accumulated 501 growing degree days in June.  Average for June is 497.  For May and June, we have accumulated 781 growing degree days. The average is 928 which makes 147 growing degree days below average, or about a week behind average.


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