Andy Dvoracek of AMP Americas spoke as part of the Midwest Farm Energy Conference in Morris. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At a panel discussion that was part of Wednesday’s Midwest Farm Energy Conference keynote event at Old No. 1 in Morris, Andy Dvoracek of Chicago-based Amp Americas told the 100 plus assembled that agriculture needs to welcome new ideas to attract younger farmers. His company is going through the process of bringing a biofuel pipeline operation to Stevens County.

“There needs to be a push to rejuvenate the motivations around farming,” he said. “People talk about how farmers are aging and it’s a dying industry, meaning that it’s consolidation. Getting young farmers interested and excited again requires pushing the envelope and looking at…different angles and different approaches.”

Dvoracek said these new ideas also add diversification to a farmer’s revenue stream and helps them weather the “peaks and troughs” inherent in farming. Other panelists included Carson Berger of the Denco II ethanol processing plant in Morris; Brad Fehr of Riverview LLP, which is working with AMP on the biofuel project; and Ted Jewison, who recently entered the renewable field.


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