Ashley Kohls, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At this week’s Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association Summer Tour, which was based at the Lee Community Center in Morris, the organization’s Executive Director Ashley Kohls told KMRS that the best way for cattle producers to fight tariffs is with a higher quality product.

“So, for an example, Japan – which is the number one destination for beef exported from the U.S. – they have a 38 ½ percent tariff on our beef and we had a historic amount of beef exported to Japan in 2018,” said Kohls.  “So we like to focus on being different but being so high quality that that’s what they want to pay for.”

Kohls said because of the high tariffs that are already in place, the beef industry is in a different boat that other livestock proteins when it comes to trade issues.


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