Ashley Kohls, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At last week’s Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association Summer Tour, which was based at the Lee Community Center in Morris, the organization’s executive director Ashley Kohls told KMRS that the political activism of members of the West Central Cattlemen’s Association has had its impact on national policy initiatives.

“When you hear folks on the livestock protein side of things talk about ‘fake meat’ or laboratory cultured protein, our national organization lobbies on behalf of the beef industry using policy that came from the West Central Cattlemen’s Association,” said Kohls.

Kohls noted that the only public comment hearing in the country on the de-listing of the gray wolf was held in Minesota, and at the hearing, members of the Cattlemen’s Association outnumbered animal rights activists by three to one.


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