The Stevens County Board of Commissioners.

The Stevens County Board of Commissioners approved a Hands Free Wireless Policy for County employees at their meeting yesterday at the Stevens County Courthouse. The measure is in response to new state legislation that became effective August 1 that prohibits any electronic device to be used while operating a vehicle. Human Resources Coordinator Jan Gomer told the Commissioners that there are some exceptions for law enforcement and first responders, heavy equipment operators, and citizens who are making 911 calls. Gomer offered a note of caution for employees: they will be held personally liable for any violations of the policy while they are on County business, even if it is in their personal vehicles, and will handle any appropriate penalties.

In other County matters yesterday, the Commissioners approved the hiring of 10 jury attendants. An ad seeking a Deputy Sheriff has only yielded four applicants. Tom Lesmeister has been appointed to the Board of Adjustment, replacing Knute Christenson. And a 5-Year Plan for Roads and Bridges was approved for the years 2020 – 2024.


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