Republican candidate Dave Hughes of Karlstad. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Republican Dave Hughes from Karlstad recently announced that he would challenge Democrat Collin Peterson for a third consecutive time for the U.S. House seat in the 7th Congressional District. KMRS caught up with Hughes at the Stevens County Fair for a Community Connection interview. While his party has not made it a top priority in the past two years, Hughes said tackling the budget deficit will be a top priority for him, which he said involves cutting spending and shrinking the government.

“We spend $4 trillion a year on the federal level on all sorts of stuff and all we ever talk about is, ‘How much are we going to increase spending this year?'” said Hughes. “Nobody ever talks about doing the tough stuff and that’s why I’m running.”

Hughes said he has been talking with policy experts at think tanks and will roll out a plan in the months ahead to tackle the Medicare insolvency problem, which is expected to come to a head in 2026.


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