Marcus Watson with TKDA presented an Airport Master Plan to the Morris City Council. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At their regular meeting last night, the Morris City Council unanimously passed a resolution approving an Airport Master Plan, which includes extending a runway, expanding the parking apron, upgrading infrastructure and leaving an area for future hangar development. Marcus Watson of TKDA presented the plan and told the Council the type of activity at the airport was the main driver for the development proposal. He said there is a good mix of recreational, agricultural and business traffic using the airport.

The largest plane that regularly uses the airport, said Watson, is a turb prop airplane owned by Superior Industries, which expects to upgrade the plane within the next five years to a business jet — which is larger, heavier and faster. This in turn sparked a facility upgrade as a longer runway needs to be build to accommodate the expected aircraft.

If the Council were to go forward with all recommended upgrades, the project would cost $12 million, the vast bulk of which would be paid for by federal funds. Of the remaining $1 million, Superior Industries has agreed to pay for a large chunk of the runway extension project.


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