Photographer and Curator Dan Broten holds up a photo of the International Space Station flying over Vining, Minnesota -- hometown of astronaut Karen Nyberg. Photos she took while on the Space Station for 6 months are on display at the Morris Public Library through September 3rd. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

During a 6 month mission on the International Space Station in 2013, astronaut and Vining native Karen Nyberg took dozens of photos of earth from her unique vantage point. Photographer Dan Broten selected 23 of those pictures to mount on canvas and has brought them to the Morris Public Library to view through September 3rd.

Broten spoke at the library recently to introduce the exhibit, and talked about conversations he had with Nyberg about what kind of pictures she was trying to take. Rather than specific cities, Nyberg was focused on thunderstorms, clouds, water formations and where the Earth met bodies of water — a more abstract approach that looked at Earth as art.

One of the photos shows a view of west central Minnesota from the Space Station, and there’s also a shot taken in Vining of the Space Station traveling overhead. Broten said it takes about 90 minutes for the Space Station to circle the Earth.


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