Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While the City of Morris replaced a $3500 pump for the Pomme de Terre Splash Park, City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that ongoing high maintenance costs can be expected for the feature, primarily due to the way it was initially designed. A discussion of the regular maintenance costs for the Splash Park took up a substantial amount of time at this week’s meeting of the Morris City Council.

Hill said he believes maintaining the Splash Park costs substantially more than the maintenance for an outdoor pool.

In other park news from the City Council meeting, the City has had some new playground equipment ready to install in City parks for awhile now, but because the parks are so busy in the summer they are holding off until September to put them in place. Hill said at the Council meeting that he did not want to close a park down for a few days in the summer to install the new pieces.

Also, the City approved about $7,000 for the upcoming Prairie Pioneer Days festival, which includes $2500 for contracted games, $1500 for radio advertisements to attract out-of-towners to visit Morris, and about $3000 for the balance of the fireworks display. The Order of the Eagles will kick in $1500 for fireworks, and Northern Tractor an additional $2500 for the display. The Fire Department will no longer be shooting off the fireworks at the event. Much of the City’s budget for this event is paid for through the lodging tax.


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