Stevens County Commissioner and Old No. 1 Owner Donny Wohlers.

The Morris City Council approved a resolution ordering a parking lot improvement to the Old Number 1 Bar and Grill at their regular meeting this week. Parking for downtown businesses is important in general, City Manager Blaine Hill noted on the KMRS Early Morning Show, but Old Number 1 owner Donny Wohlers felt there was not enough parking for all the events they have at the establishment. Hill said there is a process to petition the City to have the work done on your behalf and then have the cost assessed back to you.

“Here’s a case where a downtown parking lot is needed, it’s actually going to be used by everybody,” said Hill. “It’s not going to be a private lot. And the cost of it, he asked if we could do the work, put it in and then bill the cost back to the business.”

Wohlers had acquired a house in 2008 and turned it into a lot, and has now acquired another property next to that. The assessment will be for 15 years at 5 percent interest. In 2009, the City made a similar arrangement with businesses by the Pizza Ranch. Hill said the Old Number 1 lot should be worked on and assessed in the next month.


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