Paul Aasen is President of the Minnesota Safety Council.

The Minnesota Safety Council released a report this month that showed the number of workplace fatalities in the state has ticked up to its highest level in a decade, with 100 fatalities recorded in calendar year 2017.  While agriculture and related outdoor professions continue to top the rankings for workplace fatalities, Safety Council President Paul Aasen said on the KMRS Community Connection that the more your job requires you to drive in your car, the higher the risk for you.

“If you look at the top activities causing fatalities in the workplace, the top three are all related to driving, and in the top eight there’s actually six related to driving and/or vehicles,” said Aasen. “So, it hammers home the point that driving is the most dangerous thing we do every day, whether at work, going to or from work, or on our way going about our personal business.”

In rural areas, Aasen noted, there’s a “dangerous mix” of fast moving vehicles and slow moving farm machinery. Speed plays a factor in the severity of a crash, said Aasen, who advised slowing down when big machinery is present.


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