Jordan Staples with the Morris Hockey Association is helping to raise funds for improvements to the Lee Community Center. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Jordan Staples of the Morris Hockey Association said on the KMRS Early Morning Show that he is helping to spearhead a capital improvement campaign of just under a quarter million dollars for the Lee Community Center in Morris. The campaign is hoping to raise enough money to install a dehumidification system, to repair and reskin hockey boards, and to update its refrigeration system.

“This improvement drive is kind of a big thing. I have a big spot for it in my heart,” said Staples. “The Lee Community Center, it’s a community building, is how we look at it. Hockey, as a program, we’re just a tenant of that building. So, we’re trying to do our part to make sure we can continue to have this building as an asset to the community and keep it here for years to come down the road.”

Staples said the campaign, which started at the beginning of the summer, has already raised $90,000. The Stevens County Board of Commissioners already approved some money for roof repairs to the Lee Center, which is a separate project. Those interested in donating may visit the Lee Community Center Facebook page and look for the online donation form, or call Staples on his cell at 320-808-7634.


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