Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young

Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young reported to the County Commissioners this week that the preliminary levy would be about 1.5 percent higher than last year. While the Commissioners approved the preliminary levy, Young said on the KMRS Community Connection program that there has been ongoing work for the past few years to stabilize the levy amounts.

“Some of the things we’ve done in the last five years are putting infrastructure replacement plans in place,” said Young. “So, all of our computer networking and things like that, we’re replacing those. We have a budgeted amount and we’re replacing equipment every year. We’ve done that with other equipment that we’ve purchased, as well as our fleet. When you do that, you take a lot of that spike out of the budget. You’re not coming down to an emergency, I need this right now. You’re spending and replacing things as you can afford them. That’s really helped the levy even out.”

Young also said the County has adjusted the way it levies for political elections to reduce budget spikes. The final levy and budget figures will be set in December, with Truth in Taxation public meetings scheduled for early December.


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