Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

At this week’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, there was some discussion about cannabis, as the issue of the legalization of recreational marijuana came up at the recent gathering of the Association of Minnesota Counties. Most of the Commissioners seemed unsupportive of such measures, but County Coordinator Rebecca Young explained on the KMRS Community Connection that no one was voting on the issue at this point.

“They’re not taking a position. They’re gathering information at this point, because there were 30 plus bills that were introduced last year alone with cannabis attached to them — recreational, not medical,” said Young. “From a public health and human services perspective, the concern there is, what are the indirect costs associated with this legalization? The Sheriff’s Association has impacts, the transportation folks have impacts with people on the road and under impairment.”

The issue is expected to come up for debate again during this year’s Legislative Session.


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