Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Plant supervisors and city officials are recommending that there not be an open house for the public to tour the new $12 million facility. Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese told the KMRS Community Connection program that he agreed with the decision out of concerns for public safety and the security of the water system.

“There’s a number of steps and stairs in there,” said Giese. “Of course, there’s a railing where you’re actually walking by flowing water — and lots of flowing water. You can imagine how much water there would be in a water treatment plant. It’s a lot of water! I don’t know if anyone could actually fall in the water, but there would be some trips and fall hazards on the steps and that sort of thing.”

Giese also noted that there are various chemicals at the plant. City Manager Blaine Hill wrote in his bi-weekly report that a local safety review was recently done and concerns were raised about the safety of workers, particularly those working alone in the building.


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