Susie Novak Boelter of North Country Food Bank. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At yesterday’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, Susie Novak Boelter of the North Country Food Bank based in Crookston made an unexpected financial ask of $25,000 from the County to support their purchase of a new building to house their growing operation. As one of five food banks in the state of Minnesota, North Country acts as a wholesaler to the Stevens County Food Shelf. The 35,000 square foot building it purchased is in East Grand Forks, located on two major trucking routes.

“This is a transformational project that will impact thousands of lives across our region,” said Novak Boelter. “We’ll just be able to do so much more right off the bat by having more space in our facility. Which means more food stays in northwest and west central Minnesota and isn’t going to other parts of the state or country because we con’t have the capacity to hold it.”

Novak Boelter’s request was based on the volume of transactions it does in the county. She said they would like to be operational in their new building by January, but funds can come after that point.


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