Morris Fire Chief Dave Dybdal (l) and Fire Prevention Coordinator Darron Carr (r). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

We’re in the midst of Fire Prevention Week and the Morris Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Coordinator Darron Carr told the KMRS Community Connection program about the “Close Before You Doze” campaign, which urges people to shut the bedroom door before going to sleep at night.’

“They actually did tests, lit fake houses on fire with doors closed or doors open, and there was a 900 degree difference between one side of the door to the other, ” said Carr. “So, if you had a house fire, your door was shut, you couldn’t get out…your bedroom door, you could have that much protection if you had to stay in your room and went by a window to wait for us to come there. Even if you did get out, if you shut the door, that room will block smoke and heat if the door is shut and actually protect that room considerably for when we get there.”

Fire Chief Dave Dybdal added that modern building materials burn faster and hotter than ones used 20 years ago. But closing the bedroom door could buy enough time for fire crews to save the room and its contents when battling a blaze.


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