Hannah King, Curator/Researcher for the Stevens County Historical Society and Museum. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens County Historical Society and Rodney Briggs Library will present a one-day workshop to teach people how to digitally share family photos, letters and special collections. Titled “Tell Your Story: Sort, Digitize and Display a Collection,” Curator Hannah King said the workshop will help people decide what’s important and is designed to be for a smaller group.

“It’s really focused on one-on-one attention, working together to sort through your materials, figure out how the web site works,” said King. “We’re using a meca, it’s not something most people are familiar with, but there is a free way to display photos. And making sure that everyone leaves, if not fully confident, pretty sure that they can move forward and keep working on it and figuring stuff out. So we don’t want a ton of people there because we want to make sure that each person gets that special attention.”

The workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, October 19 at the Stevens County History Museum on West 6th Street in Morris. The $15 registration fee includes lunch. Register at 320-589-6164.


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