Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

A delegation of Minnesotans recently returned from Germany, where they toured many of that nation’s green energy initiatives. On that trip was Morris City Manager Blaine Hill, who brought back with him a resolution for the Morris City Council to be a sponsor organization for the Saerbeck Student Summer Camp. The new initiative by Morris’ sister city would gather 10 high school students from Morris, 10 from Saerbeck, and 10 from Saerbeck’s other sister city, Fukushima, Japan to learn about sustainability efforts.

“They’re talking about also doing a curriculum in the school, potentially, for sustainability, which is what they do in their school in Saerbeck, they teach students all about it,” said Hill. “That’s one of the four pillars of our sustainability strategic plan: to educate our people, to change the culture. Well, this is a great opportunity to do it.”

The camp would run this July in Germany. Most of the expenses for the program would come from a German government grant. Students would pay a minimal fee to attend the camp. The City Council approved the resolution to be a sponsor of the effort.


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