Skateboarders Jaden Alderson (center) and Drake Schmidt (right), accompanied by adult Louis Folkman (left) asked the Morris City Council earlier this month to make repairs to the Skate Park on the west side of town. This week the City announced they are in the process of making the repairs. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris students and skateboarders Jaden Alderson and Drake Schmidt came before the Morris City Council at their regular meeting on Tuesday to ask the City to make repairs to the Skate Park, which is part of Wells Park on the west side of town. The students were accompanied by an adult, Louis Folkman, and they presented the Council with a petition signed by about 20 other students asking for repairs, which they see as a safety issue.

“Oftentimes when we’re doing a trick or something, we’re gonna be looking down at our board or whatever we’re working on,” said Alderson. “And so we won’t see if we’ll hit one of the tears or the screw holes in the Skate Armor.”

The students also showed photographs of the problem areas in the Skate Park. Mayor Sheldon Giese said it looked like “an obvious safety hazard.” The Council discussed when maintenance had last been performed on the Skate Park, but none could recall a date.


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