Rachel Laux, RN, is with Stevens Community Medical Center and will work with its new Telestroke system. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

When a person is having a stroke, time is of the essence to lessen brain damage. This is the impetus behind a new collaboration between Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris and the St. Cloud Hospital Stroke Center. Rachel Laux is a Registered Nurse with SCMC and explained the new Telestroke system on the KMRS Community Connection program.

“We’ve got a computer monitor where we can dial up using an internet connection that will connect us very quickly to a neurologist right at St. Cloud Hospital,” said Laux. “The point is, we can get them connected with a neurologist, the specialist they need to see, in real time, instead of maybe an hour to an hour and a half later.”

Telestroke services are available 24/7 and offers a faster way to administer treatments for acute conditions.


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